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Polymathic Talk started in 2020 following the end of the writing of Combatting Viruses Bacteria and Pandemic. It transpired to content creation on YouTube with the view to share information researched. The main purposes is to educate and for information purposes only.

What is Polymathic talk? A polymath is someone who likes to learn or has wide knowledge on a variety of subjects. That is what you will get from this site. We researched a lot because we believe knowledge is potential power. The journey is wide, with a lot of knowledge from writing, IT, legal, content creation, to selling books. We love to debate, and love to bring information to the public.

Our fundamental approach to life is, everything we do we put God first and bring Him into the mix.

 Our approach to health is the belief in natural remedies and natural approach to healing. This is not to say that there is not a place for alternative (synthetic medicines), yes it has it place in society, but not in the long term. For long term, the damage it may cause (side effects) far outweigh the benefits. The principle of synthetic medicines was not to cure diseases, but to treat the symptoms. Polymathic Talk approach is to get to the root cause of the problem, and hopefully search for the a natural traditional approach that may lead to a  cure.

Our belief in knowing what to do, say and present in through the belief in knowledge. If we had the time, resources and the strength, we will attempt to study everything that is of interest to us, and you. But, there is something you could do. Please go to the home page or the about page and donate if you wish. Your contributions will help provide more educational contents that may save lives. Medicines and law is an area we know something about.

Our principles in society is the belief in human rights and the value it stands for, with free speech attaching on to it. We believe that everyone should have a voice and it should be heard, if it is not causing any harm to anyone. Speak your truths even if we do not agree with it, you should be given the opportunity and the platform to speak. This is one of the fundamental principles of democracy.

Our vision towards knowledge is to Discuss Analyse, Present, Examine, Research, Study, Challenge, Explain, Teach, Criticise, Debate, Comment, Judge based on facts, and Defend. In doing so, we attempt to present facts. We also welcome any subjects that you want to know about, but you have to subscribe to our YouTube channel and the website, so we can allocate a slot for the topic of interest. Our YouTube channel is:

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